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Proposed Craigieburn Mountain Bike Tracks

The Castle Hill Community will hold two work parties on the 19th January and the 9th February 2013 to cut out the muddy sections, install culverts and remove windfall on the Dracophyllum Flat Track. Everyone to meet at Forest Lodge Car park (off the Cheeseman Ski Field Road) at 9am. Bring some tools, back country gear, food and water. There will be a safety meeting at 9.10am and then we will walk in (about 1 km) to start rerouting the trail.

Other Track News:
8 Nov 2012: The Dracophyllum Track reroute and the Sidle 73 Track have been approved and signed by DOC so they are all go. With track building input from Ground Effect we expect to get these tracks completed this summer.
10/11 Nov 2012: After work parties organised by Ground Effect the Sidle 73 track is now complete. Click here for more information on the track.

Proposed Dracophyllum Track

The proposed rerouting of the Dracophyllum Track departs from the Cheeseman Road after Tim’s Stream as shown in Figure 1 and would be the continuation of the track from Castle Hill Village. The track would depart from the road as shown (orange) heading across relatively dry ground to reach the beech forest. A small stream requires a footbridge of ~5m in length (Location 2 in Figure 1). The track would weave through the beech forest passing the weather station (Location 3) before descending back into the forest. A second blue line is proposed that is an alternative route following disturbed ground via an old dam and then down a spur having extensive natural erosive area’s. Both proposed lines would have minimal impact. The current track (in red) is a significant deviation from a direct trail as proposed, which requires significant hill climbing in both directions. The Cheeseman Ski Club has requested that the trail be diverted away from Forest Lodge.

Figure 1: Proposed Dracophyllum Track rerouting below Forest Lodge.

Figure 1 is the view from the top of Ernie’s Mistake on the Hogs Back Track. Location 1 would be a small gravel car park suitable for 4-5 vehicles.

Figure 2. Current Dracophyllum Track (red) as managed by DOC; unofficial historic track (green), and proposed Dracophyllum Track rerouting (orange). Note lines are indicative only.

In Figure 2 four foot bridges (see numbers) are required as part of this work programme and also five culverts (denoted by C).

Sidle 73 Track

The Sidle 73 Track crosses Cave Stream using the existing footbridge present at the campground. It avoids boggy ground to reach an old track following the river terrace to the east within the beech forest. The track then breaks into open ground and sidles along beside State Highway 73 to the Craigieburn Ski Field Road as shown in Figure 3.

The trail is now complete as of November 2012- click here for more information on the track.

Figure 3: Sidle 73 Track Connecting Broken River Campground and the Craigieburn Ski Field Road.


Further Information

For further information on this proposal or to provide support please contact Paul Weber, Castle Hill Village